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Work with Brogdale Collections – Trustee Vacancy

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Work with Brogdale Collections – Trustee Vacancy

Brogdale Collections Charity are looking for a new trustee to work with us and join board of trustees.

Brogdale Collections work as a charity help the public access the National Fruit Collection by working to provide guided orchard tours, special education days aimed at Key stage 1 & 2 school groups, our new educational weather station and special event days.

We want to share the knowledge, value and work of the National Fruit Collection and it’s research by DEFRA with the public both young and old so that we will have a sustainable fruit filled future for everyone.

We are now seeking to strengthen our Trustee board in particular for people with an interest in Finance, commercial activity fundraising and Education.

If you want to get involved with supporting the work Brogdale Collections dose then we want to hear from you!

Find out more HERE

Get in touch with sara@brogdalecollecions.org

Christmas Venue Hire at Brogdale

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Get into the festive spirit and celebrate Christmas in style at Brogdale

Planning a Christmas party? Have a Christmas cracker to remember at Brogdale!
Christmas bookings can include our 3 course menu Christmas menu, orchard tours, cider tastings and more. All set in our festive rustic Russet & Morello rooms.

Hire our rustic private rooms and enjoy a mouthwatering homemade Christmas menu, freshly prepared by Kentish Kitchen.Using locally sourced ingredients and our own Brogdale produce. From traditional turkey to Sea Bass, bitter chocolate torte to traditional homemade Christmas pudding.It will be a foodie lunch to remember, absolutely sure to delight your taste buds.

Contact the office on 01795 536 250 or email bookings@brogdalecollections.co.uk for room availability and menu choices
Party Bookings of 20+

Find out more …

Half Term at Brogdale

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Half term is covered here at Brogdale.

Keep the kids entertained and happy this October half term at Brogdale with a week of fun and experiences.

Beastie Day

Meet the bugs and beasts on Beastie Day on 23rd October.

Get up close to the mega bugs before going on your very own bug hunt in the Brogdale Orchards and discovery all the important creatures living out in amount the apples. Finish the day with a fun insect inspired crafty session.

Book your tickets HERE

Meet the Owls Evening

Have a hoot and Meet the Owls on 24th October.

See the owls swoop and fly in the Apple Barn before getting up close to the owls and their handlers.

Meet the Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Asian Brown Wood Owls, European Eagle Owls, Spectacled Owls & African Eagle Owls.

Book your tickets HERE

Wild Weather Day

Become a weather scientist on the Wild Weather Day on 26th October.

Ride the tractor trailer to Brogdale’s interactive weather station, take scientific measurements, learn about the weather, the climate and more on a fun & educational day out.

Book your tickets HERE


Apples in the National Fruit Collection – Howgate Wonder

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Apples in the National Fruit Collection – Howgate Wonder

The National Fruit collection at Brogdale is home to over 2,000 apple varieties just waiting to be discovered.

The Howgate Wonder is a cross between Blenheim Orange and Newton Wonder. It was first grown in 1916 at Howgate Lane in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. The tree was bred by Mr George Wratten who took 2 grafts, one of which received the RHS award of merit in 1929. The tree was introduced to the National Fruit Collection in 1932 by Stuart Low Co.

Howgate Wonder is a easy to grow and produces good crops of large sharp-flavoured cooking apples. The flavour has plenty of tangy acidity, but it is not quite as sharp as a Bramley. When cooked it produces an attractive lumpy puree, and it can also be used for juicing. If you like an acidic apple Howgate Wonder can also be eaten fresh. The apples can be stored in a cold shed and will keep until the following spring.

With so many varieties unlike anything you will find in your regular supermarket, the fruit filled orchards are a must see! Discover more on a guided tour of the orchards with our expert knowledgeable guides. Join one of the 3 times a day tours (11am, 1pm & 2:30) until the end of October. FIND OUT MORE HERE…

School Food Matters & Brogdale Collections

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School Food Matters & Brogdale Collections

Brogdale Collections have teamed up with School Food Matters a London based charity for a fun and education school kids event. Brogdale are always keen to help children discover more about our environment, food and more by learning all about our fruit trees.

Brogdale Collections donated apple trees to 6 schools to support and help them grow their very own fruit, which will help the children gain a fantastic understanding about where fruit comes from, how it grows, pollination and more.

Our expert guide Mike and education officer Kathryn spent the day at Borough Market teaching children about how an apple tree changes during the seasons and showing them how to plant and care for their new trees. Each tree was taken from Grow – Brogdale’s plant centre to plant & nurture in their own school grounds.

As you can see it was a great fun & educational day out for all involved. Find out more about our school education days HERE


Apples in space!

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Apples in space!

Did you know Brogdale apples have been to space!

Newton apple seeds from The National Fruit Collection at Brogdale took to the stars in 1969 on the famous Apollo 10 mission.

Apollo 10 was the fourth manned mission in the United States Apollo space program, and the second (after Apollo 8) to orbit the Moon. Launched on May 18, 1969, it was the F mission: a “dress rehearsal” for the first Moon landing, testing all of the components and procedures, just short of actually landing

The Newton apple seeds were aboard the prestigious Apollo 10 mission with astronuts Thomas P Stafford, Eugene Cernan and John Young. The package of seeds reach within 9 miles of the moons lunar surface and were noted to have begun to sprout.

Want to discover more about our famous apples?

Come along to the National Apple Festival this 14th & 15 October GET YOUR TICKETS HERE