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Team Building Days


Team Building Days – Tailored for Your Team

If you are looking for a team building event to improve your team’s performance or to say thank you for a job well done – Brogdale Farm offers the ideal location in its 160 acres of orchards and farm land for your outdoor team activities.

We provide meeting rooms which can accommodate delegates, refreshments, lunch and prize giving.


From £70+ per person + VAT

Your day will include an activity that allows you to explore the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale.

Please contact us to discuss your budget and we can tailor an itinerary for you.

Please Note: Depending on activities chosen there may be a minimum participant charge.

Numbers we can accommodate are dependent on the activity, if you have a specific number of delegates then please contact us to discuss the most suitable activity for you.

Refreshments will be provided and include speciality teas, coffees and pastries on arrival, Lunch with Brogdale Juices, a tea and coffee break mid-morning and prizes for the winning team.


Activities can include:

Orchard Quest – outdoor quest against the clock following clues around the National Fruit Collection to be the quickest team to find the golden ticket.

Stunning Sculptures – Learn some weaving and knot tying skills to eventually create a sculpture out of natural materials.  The most creative wins.

Brogdale Bake off – Learn some cooking skills and then work against the clock to create a fruity based dish with a selection of ingredients.

Tasting trials and Mocktail Manufacture – Taste a selection of fruits and juices from the collections (seasonally dependent) and then using your palette create a mock-tail of your own to impress.

Cider Making – taste freshly pressed juice and learn about the elements involved in cider making, put together a cider press, press the apples to see which team can extract the most juices for cider.

Falconry – learn the skills of falcon flying with your team

Archery – compete against the other teams to score the highest points

Axe throwing – compete against the other teams to score the highest points

Sling shots – compete against the other teams to score the highest points

Cross bow – compete against the other teams to score the highest points

Fantastic Foraging Feat  -Informative walk to learn about foraging wild edible food and create a survival dish from your findings

Scrap Heap Challenge – work with your team mates to construct a farm instrument from scrap against the clock.

Build A Beer – Brewery tour and Bench based activity to get involved with the different decision making elements in beer making and observing some of the processes involved

Fabulous Floristry – learn some flower arranging skills and create an arrangement for yourselves to take away (these could be individual miniature ones or one large one as a team e.g. a large wreath)


Our customers say:

“I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and your team for the brilliant event you have put together for us on Friday last week.

Although it’s now been a few days, people are still talking about the day spent in Brogdale and the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive – words are now spreading fast on campus and some people are even talking about next year!…

Despite the hot weather conditions, people have really enjoyed all tasks;  especially the Scavenger Challenge which as an exercise, really brought the teams together. Our Department is made out of 70+ members of staff, spread over 3 different sites and although some people might talk to each other over the phone, with turn overs etc, people don’t necessarily get to meet or know each other and I have to say that since our away day,  I have seen people  interact much more and speak to each other. So just for that reason, I think this has been a very successful day!

Big thank you also to the actors and activity facilitators who were really fantastic and kept us entertained all day!”

Damien Bitaud – University of Kent