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Discover the climate & our weather at Brogdale

Brogdale Collections new fully interactive learning experience weather station launched in summer 2017.

The interactive weather and climate station offers the chance for all ages to learn, discover and explore how our weather affects us and its importance to the growth of The National Fruit Collections orchards at Brogdale.

The fully interactive weather station lets children engage with measuring and observing the weather around them, how the climate around us works, teaches children how to gather climate data and what effects this weather has on the environment around us and the Brogdale fruit orchards.

The NEW weather station is located near our existing official MET office weather station housed on site to monitor climatic conditions. The official MET office weather station has been based at Brogdale for many years and has even provided some record breaking temperature readings!

The new weather station will be home to a wide range of interactive weather equipment to get involved with plus some handy fact filled information boards all waiting to be discovered.


At the weather station you will find:
Stevenson’s screen with visible instruments.
A readable rain gauge, thermometer, hygrometer and hydrometer.
Wind vane and Anemometer for wind speed
A recording panel to record all your results
A sundial
An interactive human sundial plus much more!

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